27 July 2006

Fireside 3 - Michael Mathein and Timothy Alford

Michael Mathein, Timothy Alford and I are great friends here on the Emerald Coast. They both live in Fairhope, Alabama. Their part of the coast was very much affected by the 2004 and 2005 hurricanes so I haven't seen much of them lately. It was great to talk with them for an hour.

We talked about the concept of a personal God, what it meant to us as Christians, and how that concept evolved after we became Baha'is.

Here's a link to authoritative information about the Baha'i concept of God. (Just in case we got it wrong :-)

We mentioned the Ringstone Symbol during the podcast. Here's a link to the Ringstone Symbol and other Baha'i symbols, with explanations.

We're having fun doing these firesides so we're working on a few more. Let me know if you've got any ideas or if you'd like to participate. People keep asking about having a Christian seeker join a fireside. We'd love to have one of you do that. I realize that it's asking a lot, but if one of our Christian friends would like to join us, it would be great to have some hard questions to answer.

If you'd rather not participate but would still like to ask hard questions--call our toll-free line listed on the left side of this page.

Love to all,


14 July 2006

Health and Healing - Some Baha'i Writings

We hope you enjoyed this talk on health and healing. This is the paper we were reading from. Here is the compilation where we obtained the quotes.

More information on healing is on our website www.alliswell.org. He also have a blog at healthier.happier.blogspot.com

Thanks for listening.

Sandy and Ron

12 July 2006

Fireside 2 - Ernie Acavedo and Mike Whalen

We had fun making this podcast for you. Ernie and Mike are really interesting guys. I was particularly interested in Ernie's evolution from a Catholic to a born-again Christian. It shows the value of sincere search for truth by an individual who is thinking for himself and not constrained by fear.

Ernie and Mike are both members of the Henderson, Nevada Baha'i community. Mike and his wife Gail used to live on the Emerald Coast of Florida. We were sorry to see them go.

I'm working on lining some more people up for more firesides. Summer is a busy time; I'm hoping to have another podcast up next week.

Have a beautiful day,