26 October 2006

Why We're Baha'is - the soundtrack

We just finished a 30 minute film for our local cable TV system. We interviewed about two dozen people, children, teens and adults, and we borrowed some video from www.BahaiVideo.com to produce an interesting film.

Hopefully it makes a good podcast too. If you'd like to see the film, here's a 345MB iPod version, and a 24MB MP4 version.

One concern that I often have when Baha'is are talking casually is that Christians may not understand that we see Baha'u'llah as the Messenger of God--and not God as some Christians view Jesus. We often say, "Baha'u'llah says . . . " when a more precise statement might be, "God told us through Baha'u'llah that . . . ."

The safest thing to do is to read God's Word for yourself--directly as it was revealed through Baha'u'llah. See www.bahai.org or www.BahaiBookstore.com.

Thanks for listening.


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