28 June 2006

Fireside 1 - Gail Whalen

Gail Whalen of Henderson, Nevada talks about the Baha'i principles particularly the education of children and the removal of prejudice. Linda Long and Robert Riley of Florida's Emerald Coast join the discussion.

Materials on Baha'i Principles are available here and here.

We're working on several more firesides using different speakers and attendees. Hopefully there'll be another one early next week.

Sandy is working on a podcast for the two of us to discuss the spiritual education of children. We'll try to get that posted next week also.

On a completely unrelated note -- I just bought a biofeedback game called The Journey to Wild Divine. It was created in cooperation with Deepak Chopra and uses biofeedback technology (that's included with the game) to control the events of the game. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to explore using meditation and breath techniques to improve one's life. The price is very reasonable -- about $160.


Sandy and Ron

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Anonymous said...

There seems to be a contradiction in the way "unity" is proposed. It seems limited to religous unity. What I mean is all religions united under the Bahai religion or faith.

Does unity also mean union with non religious people? If yes, it is then not necessary to be a Bahai?