16 June 2006

Podcast News

I wanted to let you know what's going on with our podcast; we're working on some great new podcasts that's taking a little time to line up all the participants so I appreciate your patience. We're going to have some group discussions that I think will be fun to listen to.

In the meanwhile, I want to tell you first about the blog that we started; it's called the Emerald Coast Baha'i Podcast Blog. You can find it at ecbp.blogspot.com. We'll provide a post to the blog for each podcast so if you don't catch some information during a podcast, you can find it on the blog.

While you waiting for our next podcast, you may want to listen to two of the other Baha'i podcasts:

On "Ask a Baha'i," Bill Dvorak interviews Ron Hershel, the author of the lecture series "The Evolution of Human Spirituality." This is a really fascinating interview for Baha'is and Christians.

Also on "Ask a Baha'i," there's an interview in two parts with Ravi Sinha, who was not a religious person but became a Baha'i through a very unusual experience.

On "A Baha'i Perspective," Warren Odess-Gillett interviews Ray Estes, a born-again Christian and Bible-scholar who describes his adventure that led him to the Baha'i Faith.

You can find "Ask a Baha'i" at: http://www.bahaicommunity.org/podcast/index.php?channel_id=2

You can find "A Baha'i Perspective" at: http://www.bahaicommunity.org/podcast/index.php?channel_id=1

If you check out the blog there's links along the left side to those podcasts.

That's all for now.

Remember, you're welcome to join us at any time.


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